Saturday, April 16, 2016

4 Fun Choir Party Ideas For The End of The Year!

4 Fun Choir Party Ideas For The End of The Year!

My end of the year choir party is one way I reward my students for participating in chorus. They really look forward to the party all year and are eager to join the choir next year so they can continue to participate in the fun and games. Today I'm sharing some party ideas that work well with my 5th and 6th grade choirs.

Fun Games
If you want more boys in your choir, playing some type of sports game with them can be just the ticket to reel-them-in to your chorus. My choir loves this Balloon Volleyball Game. You can get this game for free by clicking here for this game. 

Line Dances

I like to use line dances and folk dances in my general music classes throughout the year. My students like to get together and do these dances as part of their choir party at the end of the school year. My choir really loves the Cupid Shuffle and Cha-Cha Slide.

Party Snacks

Pizza is always a big hit with choir students (especially the boys). You might want to work out having the PTA buy the pizza. I also have my students sign up for a variety of goodies to bring the party such as donuts, soda, chips, candy or cookies. If pizza is out of your budget, don't worry, your students will love any type of treat. You can't go wrong with providing food and drinks for the big party day.

This might not seem important, but taking the time to have a few decorations kicks up the party excitement to the next level for them. I keep the decorations simple with a table cloth, balloons and welcome sign.  These little details create a festive feel to your party and your students will really appreciate it. Please share your favorite party ideas by leaving a message for other choir teachers. Hope to hear about your cool party ideas and see you back again soon! Sherry Stucki :)

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  1. Fantastic party ideas! Thank you very much for sharing these ideas. Would like to use some of these party ideas. Going to host my birthday at a local venue NYC and was looking for such unique party inspirations.

    1. Hi Drew, Happy Birthday wishes for a great birthday and party. Thanks so much for your feedback, I glad you liked them. My students love these party activities. I also have music tunes playing in the background to help give more of a party type experience. Have a great day! Sherry :)

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  3. Hi Morgan, thanks for commenting on the 4 Fun Choir ideas on my blog. I'm glad you like the ideas. My kids really get excited to join choir when they find out that we will have a fun party at the end of the year. So I try to do things that go over well with both girls and boys. Have fun teaching choir. Sherry stucki :)