Saturday, April 4, 2015

8 Exciting Scarf Ideas to Do With Your Music Class!

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Children love scarf play and enjoy them using them in the music room.  Here are some exciting scarf ideas you can use with your music class.
1. Play classical music and call out different animal names. Let the class act out being a certain animal as they move to the music.  You can also use music from Carnival of the Animals for this activity.
2. Play High and Low games by having the class demonstrate high and low notes as they listen to the Chinese Dance, from the Nutcracker or any other classical music that has high and low notes.
3. Play the game Simon Says with scarfs as you sing different ways for the class to move their scarves. I use this game at the beginning of the year with kindergarten and first graders to help them learn how to follow directions.
4. You can play the song, Shake My Sillies Out from Share the Music using scarfs with the different movements throughout the song.
Fun Scarf Routine by 2nd Graders
5. You can also play folk music and teach a dance routine with scarfs.
6. Have the class play freeze dance to any music.
7. Practice Rhythms with 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders by calling out a rhythm like whole notes. The class demonstrates whole notes by letting their scarf float in the air for 4 beats before they touch the scarf again. They continue the whole note pattern until you call out another rhythm like half notes.
8. Use scarfs as props to Classical music. Have the class place a scarf in their back pocket.  They can pretend to have a horse tail and gallop like a horse to music like the William Tell Overture or The Wild Horseman. Have the class pretend to float like a butterfly as you play the music by Chopin.  Pretend the scarf is a cape and tell them to be a super hero as you play Prelude to Act 1, from Carmen (Theme 1). You can have the class pretend to fly like a bee as you play Flight of the Bumblebee.
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