Saturday, May 2, 2015

3 Easy Dances Your Music Class Will Love!

 Hello Teachers,

Folk  dancing is fun for any grade level. This week my classes are learning so much through folk dancing. They are having fun moving to the beat, learning about musical form and patterns in music, learning about music around the world, working together as a team and so much more. Here are 3 fun dances I use with my classes.

Dance #1: D'Hammerschmiedsg'selln
(what a mouth full). My  3rd and 4th graders love doing this hand clapping German Dance.

4th Grade Doing A German Dance
Go here to see how to do this simple dance on youtube. Notice how one set of partners start their hand claps above their heads while the other partners start their had clap patterns by patting their legs 1st. Here are the dance moves: (these 6 claps will be repeated throughout the "A" section of the music). Partners will clap the following beats=count 1-R hands above head, ct. 2-L hands above head, ct. 3-clap both hands with your partner above your heads, ct. 4-pat both hands on legs, ct. 5-pat both hands on chest, ct. 6-clap your own hands in front of your body. Repeat this clapping pattern until the end of the "A" section. It is easier to have the class skip in a circle on the "B" section as they hold hands or they can follow the foot work that is on the video.  
Dance #2: Sasha: (I created this easier dance version below)
My first and second graders love doing this Russian Dance. 
2nd Graders Doing A Russian Dance
Sasha Dance Moves for the "A" Section=Have the class spread out around the room in their own self spot. Shake index finger while saying, "Sasha! Sasha! Rahss, dvah, tree!" (do this clapping sequence)  Clap 3 times to the right side of your body, 3 times to the left side of your body. Pat knees 3 times then clap 3 times above your head.

Dance Moves for the "B" Section= have the class skip around the room. Then repeat the dace alternating between the (A & B) sections in the music.

Dance # 3: Cha-Cha Slide
My 5th and 6th graders love doing this line dance and it is supper easy to teach. Just turn on the music for this one and your class will follow the dance moves given by the speaker on the CD. Have fun with some of these dances in your music room.  Sherry :)

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