Friday, July 3, 2015

Technology In The Music Class Part-2

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Technology In The Music Class Part-2
This week I want to share 3 fun note training websites you can use with your music classes. I noticed that my students learn note reading faster when they play computer games. It is a win-win opportunity to have your students practice note reading while having fun playing a music game on the computer. I'm always amazed how competitive they get when they play computer games.  I am very exited to try these games with my class this year.

Music Teacher Games: This is a very simple note reading game. I like to call it the Speed Note Game because it challenges the children to read the notes quickly to earn the highest score within a certain amount of time. They can repeat the game to try to out score their last game.

Note Trainer: Simply click the note name that appears on the staff and the computer will keep track of your score as you go. You can also play another game using this piano. Your class can play fun melodies on the piano by clicking on the piano keys. I think it would be great to have each student write their own song on a music staff to share with the rest of the class.

Classics For Kids: This website has another fun note reading game to help your class read their notes. It spells out mystery words for the class to discover. You can have them list all the mystery words they used in the game for a note reading assessment. Check back next week for more ideas for your classroom.

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