Wednesday, January 27, 2016

4- Fun Valentine Day Music Activities

Hello Teachers,

I'm really excited to share 4-Valentine activities that work well in my music class. Valentine's Day is such a fun holiday and my kiddos look forward to celebrating it with fun activities in music class. 

Musical Candy Note Game:
3rd & 4th graders love playing this game while learning the names of their treble clef notes. I use candy hearts or skittles as game markers to play this game. They have to match the treble clef note cards from the music staff with the letters on the game board. The first child to get to the end of the game board wins the game. I let the children eat the candy when they are done playing the game. If you would like to play this game with your class click here to learn more about it.

Line Dancing (grades 4-8th)
My class loves dancing to the cupid shuffle and request this dance every year. My 6th graders had so much fun with this dance that when they heard the Cupid Shuffle music playing during one of their school field trips, they all decided to stop bowling and show their dance moves right inside the bowling alley. I was thrilled when the classroom teachers told me about the flash dancing at the bowling alley. If you want to try this dance with your class, you can get the dance directions and a Valentine mini-music lesson by clicking here.

6th graders doing the Cupid Shuffle!

Valentine Games: Lucy Locket Lost Her Valentine
My younger student (grades k-2nd) love this game. One student leaves the room as another student hides a Valentine card. The student in the hall returns to the room to find the hidden Valentine card. The class sings Lucy Locket Lost Her Valentine to help this student find the hidden Valentine. The class will sing the song loudly when the student is close to the Valentine card and they will sing softly if the student is going away from the Valentine card. Here are the words to the song: Lucy Locket lost her  Valentine, Kitty Fisher found it. Not a single candy in it, only ribbon 'round it (use same melody as the Lucy Locket game). This game is a favorite with young children.

Playing Candy Rhythms
Valentine's Day is not complete without candy. I place different candy bars on the whiteboard (see picture below). Then I point to each candy bar on the beat and have the class tap out the syllable names of each candy bar on percussion instruments. Then I have them echo play ta and ti-ti rhythms. Now I have them end the music by playing the candy bar rhythms again. My class loves playing candy bar rhythms on percussion instruments and it's fun to move the candy around to create new rhythms for them to play. 

Candy Bar Rhythms

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