Saturday, February 27, 2016

10 Fun Music Center Games

Welcome to Mrs. Stucki's Music Class!

I was thrilled to be selected as one of the presenters at the Idaho Music Educators Association Conference this month. I got to share 10 Fun Music Center Games with other music teachers and make some new friends. The music games focused on three areas: Rhythm Reading, Note Reading and Instrument study/ for music listening logs. Here are some of the games we played at the teacher conference. Click on each picture to read more about that game.

1. Exciting Rhythm Games: 
Add more music games to your class and watch your class quickly improve their music skills! My class loves working on their rhythm reading with these games.

2. Fun Note Reading Games:
I use the games below to help my students quickly learn the names of their music notes and music symbols.
Instant Note Reading Game! Grades 3-6th 

This game is played like the Candyland Game
( using candy hearts or skittles for markers and music note cards from the music staff)!

3. Play More Instrument Games:
In order to get my class writing better reflections for their music listening logs, I realized that I needed to teach them the names of music instruments. Since the instruments are creating the music, they needed to connect the music to what the instruments are doing in the music. I have seen a huge difference in their music reflection logs  by playing more instrument games (see pictures below. 

Grades K-8th

Instrument Matching Game K-2nd

Students love playing music games! Your class will love working on their music notes, rhythms, music vocabulary, composing songs and more with exciting music center games. Leave a comment below or let me know about your favorite game. Hope to chat with you soon! Sherry Stucki :)